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 About The Zombicidal Maniacs

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PostSubject: About The Zombicidal Maniacs   Thu May 28, 2009 1:03 am

Welcome To Our Site!

The Zombicidal Maniacs is a group of individuals who are tired of just jumping in and having to deal with random competition and teams. The goal of the ZM Clan is to provide a place for Left 4 Dead players to come together and develop strategies and ideas for use in Left 4 Dead for X-Box live 360.

We will have several different types of game-play as well as ways to get involved. There will be teams for campaign mode who's job will be to perfect ways to beat each level on the hardest difficulties. There will also be teams that will perfect the methods and traits used to successfully compete in Versus competition. Finally There will be teams who will try and master Survival mode.

Anyone can join any team and provide their input to each.

Thank you for stopping by our forums and we look forward to playing with you soon.



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About The Zombicidal Maniacs
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