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 Hustle..You Know What's Good

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PostSubject: Hustle..You Know What's Good   Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:55 pm

NAME: Josh


AGE: 18

LOCATION: Akron, Ohio

WHY SHOULD YOU BE ALLOWED TO JOIN: If you look up rape in the dictionary the definition will simply say "BetterBEzoey" HA!

WHAT DAYS/TIMES ARE YOU AVAILABLE TO PLAY: I'm usually free in the afternoons and late nights any day of the week

DO YOU OWN A MIC: would I have the balls to join if i didn't? lol

WHO REFERRED YOU (if applicable): Xero024 (Kyle), Whipp369 (Bear), C Hustle (Larry)
If Hustle is not reviewing this application, ask any of these 3 guys above, i've been playin with them since L4D came out...and we slam noobs...nuff said. but one last thing.....

I'd get in line
to hit it from behind,
just one time,
damn Zoey you so fine,
I'd rape the hoe just like a smoker,
with my dick I'd fuckin choke her.
when I spit, it is infecting,
so all you haters start dissecting,
every verse and every line,
cuz i'm a MANIAC and this is my ryhme!
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Hustle..You Know What's Good
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